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do you have any pack with enemies? basic animations.

Hey, have a Look at the HUGE Pack

It includes enemy Animations since the newest Update. At this Moment there is No Single enemy Pack available. 

- Sam

Good night, I made the purchase. Congratulations for the good work!

thanks a Lot :)

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Hello !

Sincerely beautiful work :-)
I really want to take this tileset but where are you in the creation of characters?


Hello and thanks. 

Right now there are no characters planned for this tileset. I may release characters as a single pack some time but there is also nothing to confirm yet. 

If you are looking for a size / style have a look at my HUGE set screenshots, the character size should match this set too (filling around a 24x24 square)  - just for size comparison  

I hope that helps!


Awesome work. =) Wish you the best, we are building a tiny mobile game with these great assets. Will send you the link, when finished.

thanks! looking forward to it! :)

Sam, Your Metroidvania tileset is great !

Wich enemy and main player asset would you recommend to use with this set ?

It would be great to have a full asset like the "super platformer asset", including main character and  3-4 enemy animation" 

Thanks, stephane


Hey swiart, glad you like it. right now there exist no characters for it. die to the lack of time (I am traveling right now) I couldn’t finish an asset set with characters. the plan is to finish it asap. but I can’t tell you when this will be. since I like them to match the asset set. so zement of characters should be around the same as my “Huge” asset pack. you can have a look for the dimensions. 

also the style for the characters would be different from the “huge” set once they are finished. but still combinable I hope. so there’s still a lot work to be done. but I can’t promise any release date for that yet. 

hope that answers your question :)

~ Sam

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Sam, I have a question: Do you earn money if someone buys this or only BTW i really like this work!

hey, I earn a tiny bit. 1$ = 10%, 30cents + 6% paypal, 30% tax. what’s left from 1$ = 39 cents left. (USD), transfer to EUR, ~ 35 cents left. sad but true. So only gets 10% which is fine. But they also added a new payout fee, which I think was 3$ per payout. so I have to sell a lot to get at least a bit money out of it. 

oof, that isn't much! I hope you do more work in the future because it's really nice!

thanks :) yeah it's hard. Right now I take some time off (holidays). But will be back after that.

Really like this asset, are there any plans to expand it beyond 1.3?

thanks :)

right now it is completed as it is. But I am willing to make another update by time ~ just have none right now. 

Beautiful artwork, Sam, I like it very much!

Thanks a lot! Appreciate it ;)

Update 1.3 The Overworld is now live! 87 new Overworld Tiles :)


Update 1.2 Haunted Halloween is now live! 25 new Graveyard Tiles :)

Awesome indeed!

Your stuff is awesome!

Thank you so much! :) I try to keep on and publish more.

I love it! Thanks.

Glad you like it :)
This keeps me going. I really want to bring a few updates to this set, so that there will be even more in the future ;)