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Thanks for the art assets!  I used them to make a small platformer - paper-jumper - to learn a bit of Godot and this was a great minimalist tileset to use. Regards, Richard @ TzYi

You're welcome :) Thanks for sharing!

very gooooooooooooooood work! i like art

i created a game with you game asset

thanks a lot! And thanks for sharing! :)

Amazing! Good work!

thanks a Lot :)

Omg! What beautiful art!

thank you :)

Amazing, are available for go on with graphics of this assets? Please write me on or found other contact on

Hello! As a heads up, I've used this art pack in a quick game jam submission on my page - hopefully that's all good!

All good :) thanks for sharing!

thank you!

It would be awesome if I include some of those sprites on the banner of my blog.

Feel free to do so, it would be nice if you give somewhere credits for it :)

Thabk you, sure :)

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Very good! But  it would be great if you add animations

Teach me senpai x)