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This set features a retro-futuristic style with a unique theme. Manage and repair the drones keep them operating and bring deliveries to their destinations.

What's included:

  • player has single frames for: walk (3 frames), jump, fall, shoot, stand, jump & shoot
  • 2 Biomes: Tech & Organic (has 3 variations)
  • Tons of objects
  • Environmental background graphics
  • Moving platforms, lift-drone included
  • fully animated drone (fly, damage, grap, out of order)
  • UI included
  • Source files included

Using the wonderfull Fantasy 24 palette! https://lospec.com/palette-list/fantasy-24

Set-Pack with HUGE & Soulslike

This set fits the same 8x8 / 16x16 px grid as my HUGE and Soulslike pack.

Legal stuff:

  • Assetpack can be used commercially
  • Single Entity use: bound on one person or small studio (till 5 people on same project)
  • The graphics can be edited to suit your needs
  • If you need to enhance or expand the graphics: I am available for commissions.


You can contact me via pixelart@samvieten.com
I am also available via twitter: @s4m_ur4i; would love if you follow me there.


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6 USD. You will get access to the following files:

s4m_ur4i_dronekeeper_drone_32x32.png 1 kB
s4m_ur4i_dronekeeper_example-tiled.tmx 9 kB
s4m_ur4i_dronekeeper_example-tiled_02.tmx 9 kB
s4m_ur4i_dronekeeper_example-tiled_03.tmx 9 kB
s4m_ur4i_dronekeeper_player_30x23.png 1 kB
s4m_ur4i_dronekeeper_player_lightmap-example_30x23.png 1 kB
s4m_ur4i_dronekeeper_profile-picture.png 12 kB
s4m_ur4i_dronekeeper_tileset.png 21 kB
s4m_ur4i_dronekeeper_ui_10x10.png 1 kB
dronekeeper.afdesign 1,011 kB
dronekeeper.eps 17 kB
dronekeeper.psd 45 kB

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