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I have used parts of this pack for my factory builder game MegaFactory. A free demo is available now:

Thanks for sharing!
This looks really good!

Hi, great pack, i bought it a long time ago, there's just a little problem when you link the conveyor and the conveyor corner... even if it's easy to fix ;)

amazing pack to make a robo rally game! :D

Thanks! :)

Hey Sam,

I have bought the asset pack and its great.

Any chance that you could release an update or paid expansion that includes robotic arms?


Hey there, thanks for reaching out!

I won't promise anything but I put it on the list for future updates!

Brilliant! I look forward to it.

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not this time but thanks :)

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This came at a perfect time! My third year project is a factory automation game, and I was just gonna have to look for some resources!

Any chance we could get some train stuff in there too?

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Looks great, well done :). Animated tile are a nice touch.

More to come, maybe ?

Hey, I ususally upgrade my asset packs with free updates once they made a certain amount of money, that's like a thanks to all the supporters. Let's see how this set performs. I don't want to promise something yet, since there is nothing in development at the moment.

kind regards, Sam

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I would love to buy but its a bit expensive '>~<'

For what you get, this is actually very cheap


Yeh, that's true actually! But for me now it's a bit expensive . Guess I'll buy it later.