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Going to use this, thanks amigo!

hello, i use your tilesets in my tutorial project: i mentioned about in description.

thanks so much for sharing!

Cool. Looks almost exactly like Environmental Station Alpha
hempuli is a good friend of mine

Thanks :)
it sure was an inspiration. It's a great game

Do i need to mention you if i use your palette?

It would be nice to get some credits somewhere if you use the >graphics<. 
Feel free to use it. More palettes here:

Okay thanks for fast reply I love this graphics

thanks :) check by on tomorrow evening, there will be a new assetpack release ;)


You are a dead set legend


hahahah, thanks a lot!
I hope one day :) for now I am just trying to get stuff done! ;)

I really like the details on the rocks and also the variations on the background are amazing! I like how the foreground contrasts with the background to visualize what the player is supposed to walk/jump on. Great work! :D

Looking good as always, Sam.

Thanks a lot!  Appreciate it ;)
It's always a motivation to read something like that :)

Hey Sam, Thanks for making this free ! 

Wonder if this pack selling on really work out for you ?

Have a nice day !

You are welcome! :)
Well I am selling some sets but it's not that I could make a living from it. Most comes in via commissions :) check out 32blit for example - really nice folks, doing a great project! ->

I am also doing art, and other stuff, you can see most updates via twitter: @s4m_ur4i


how may we contact you?

twitter: @s4m_ur4i is preferred :)

This looks great ! And btw, I noticed a problem on this page, the dark blue text color is so dark that you can’t see what’s written in the « more information » box.

Hey Oskar, thanks! :)
I changed the link color so it should be visible now ;)

Yes it’s perfect now ! :)