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Metroidvania / roguelike 16x16 Pixelart Tileset 2D platformer, roguelike, 

metroidvania/adventure setting with magic & tech. Covering Walls and grounds, environmentals, some door, bridges for inspiration. If you buy this set you are allowed to use it in your commercial projects. However, credit is always highly appreciated.

This is a big set, covering 7 Bioms:

  • Ground/earth
  • Water
  • Caves / Darkness
  • Technologie
  • Wood/Forest
  • King's chamber
  • Overworld

++ Update 1.3
- Introduces 87 new Overworld Tiles

++ Update 1.2
- Introduces 25 new Graveyard Tiles

++ Update 1.1
- Introduces more lighting sprites and high contrast version

This set is considered as a full set. Finished.
But if the feedback is good, I will add some more stuff for free :) 

 Palette Credits: https://lospec.com/palette-list/zughy-32 ! Awesome colors! 

 I really would love to hear your opinion. Enjoy.


Get this asset pack and 5 more for $32.00 USD
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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

s4m_ur4i-metroidvania-1.3.afdesign 4 MB
s4m_ur4i-metroidvania-1.3.png 37 kB
s4m_ur4i-metroidvania-1.3.psd 984 kB
s4m_ur4i-metroidvania-1.3.tmx 47 kB
s4m_ur4i-metroidvania-1.3-high-contrast.png 36 kB

Development log


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Great tileset !!

Do you have any related character set

Thanks, glad you like it :)

Not yet, a set is in work. But can't say when it will be released.

High quality tileset package in Pixel style, suitable for different genres and situations, but mostly for Metroidvania and Platformer type of games. Sprites are well and very high quality, with many details taken into account. If you're looking for a tileset for your project, that reflects the game-play, then this is it. I highly recommend it!

Any chance of having items for this tile?

uh, didn't catch your message, sorry. I add it to the "todo" list.

There are games made with this asset?

this was long time one of the best selling pixrlart assets, so I guess so. I do not make games with this assets myself. 

i am currently working on a small private project with this great tileset

oh wow that looks amazing? 

How you made that background glow, is it a picture or postfix?

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and because of you it looks amazing :)

the background is just a picture

Pleas create "Metroidvania Characters Tileset"!


working on it


working on it

Gorgeous assets! I just bought the bundle that includes this. So excited to make a game with them! 

I had a few questions though if that was okay. Forgive me for being such an amateur! I've been messing with the tiles in Game Maker Studio 2 and I just can't seem to get it to look like your examples. 

What is the background black that you're using that makes it look so amazingly retro?

What size room/viewport would you recommend for the best look?

Thanks so much! 


thanks for your message :)
the background color code is: #0B0E10, you can find it in the color-palette file.

the viewport really depends on your game, I usually do a multiple of 160x144 and then port it to 16:9 like. 320x288/ 640x etc.

hope that helps,



Thanks so much for your reply! I should have guessed it would be in the palette lol

I'm still having some trouble with the viewport and camera size.

I recreated one of your example rooms and added the character (your character recolored). 

The Room Size = 208x192

What size would you make the camera for this room? And in turn, the viewport?

that would be 320x180 :) (16:9 aspect ratio)

You're the best! Thanks so much for helping this amateur! 

no worries. just keep in mind that everyone was an amateur once :)

Hi Sam. I made a purchase. I love your awesome work! :)
I have a question about license.
I'm studying about game programming and I use github for hosting my product.
Can I store your product on my github public repository with my sourcecode ?
English is not my mother tongue, I hope that my English gets through to you.

Hey keytruck,

first: thank you! And don't worry your English is fine. It's also not my first language. 

As I understand the licenses none of them allowes redistribution of the work under your own name / github account. it is the same as putting music for a download that you don't own the creative rights for. 

this is not a legal consultation, I. no lawyer. 

you can however package assets in you game and distribute that as a full executable. 

I am not eager to sue people or take any actions in that direction. I would like that you can easily use my assets. but I would also not like it if my work is downloadable for free since I worked for it. I hope you understand. 

your github project is public to share it with others? they add a private option some time ago even for unpaid accounts. 

best regards


Hi Sam, Thank you for your kind answer! I understand. My github repository is private now, and I will continue to use it as private.

I hope someday I can publish my product as a full executable package :)

thanks you. 

sure you will keep up the work and believe in your dreams. they come true. 

I was wondering if you could do some EGA 16 color tilesets as I’m building a Tandy 1000 DOS game in 320x200 16 color format. I converted this to 16 colors on my own but I think you would be able to do a way better job color reducing it. 

hey ryanyoder. I would like to do that. but I got no time for that atm. sorry :(

No prob. I can do it myself. Awesome work man.


thanks a lot. 

you already did a great job! looking forward to see your game. 

Wow, that's epic. I made the purchase and i'm happy.

thanks a lot :) glad you like it!

do you have any pack with enemies? basic animations.

Hey, have a Look at the HUGE Pack 


It includes enemy Animations since the newest Update. At this Moment there is No Single enemy Pack available. 

- Sam

Good night, I made the purchase. Congratulations for the good work!

thanks a Lot :)

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Hello !

Sincerely beautiful work :-)
I really want to take this tileset but where are you in the creation of characters?


Hello and thanks. 

Right now there are no characters planned for this tileset. I may release characters as a single pack some time but there is also nothing to confirm yet. 

If you are looking for a size / style have a look at my HUGE set screenshots, the character size should match this set too (filling around a 24x24 square)  - just for size comparison  

I hope that helps!


Awesome work. =) Wish you the best, we are building a tiny mobile game with these great assets. Will send you the link, when finished.

thanks! looking forward to it! :)

Sam, Your Metroidvania tileset is great !

Wich enemy and main player asset would you recommend to use with this set ?

It would be great to have a full asset like the "super platformer asset", including main character and  3-4 enemy animation" 

Thanks, stephane


Hey swiart, glad you like it. right now there exist no characters for it. die to the lack of time (I am traveling right now) I couldn’t finish an asset set with characters. the plan is to finish it asap. but I can’t tell you when this will be. since I like them to match the asset set. so zement of characters should be around the same as my “Huge” asset pack. you can have a look for the dimensions. 

also the style for the characters would be different from the “huge” set once they are finished. but still combinable I hope. so there’s still a lot work to be done. but I can’t promise any release date for that yet. 

hope that answers your question :)

~ Sam

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Sam, I have a question: Do you earn money if someone buys this or only itch.io? BTW i really like this work!

hey, I earn a tiny bit. 1$ = 10% itch.io, 30cents + 6% paypal, 30% tax. what’s left from 1$ = 39 cents left. (USD), transfer to EUR, ~ 35 cents left. sad but true. So itch.io only gets 10% which is fine. But they also added a new payout fee, which I think was 3$ per payout. so I have to sell a lot to get at least a bit money out of it. 

oof, that isn't much! I hope you do more work in the future because it's really nice!

thanks :) yeah it's hard. Right now I take some time off (holidays). But will be back after that.

Really like this asset, are there any plans to expand it beyond 1.3?

thanks :)

right now it is completed as it is. But I am willing to make another update by time ~ just have none right now. 

Beautiful artwork, Sam, I like it very much!

Thanks a lot! Appreciate it ;)

Update 1.3 The Overworld is now live! 87 new Overworld Tiles :)


Update 1.2 Haunted Halloween is now live! 25 new Graveyard Tiles :)

Awesome indeed!

Your stuff is awesome!

Thank you so much! :) I try to keep on and publish more.

I love it! Thanks.

Glad you like it :)
This keeps me going. I really want to bring a few updates to this set, so that there will be even more in the future ;)