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Great asset pack. I would like to use this pack to sell a game, but had a question as I was looking at your License page. There was a part that said this: 

You have to

– Make sure the assets are protected inside your work (wrapping / exporting the game)

– Distribution is given to the creator of the assets

So, I am wondering about the second comment you made. Does this mean, that I can use your assets to sell my game, but that you have to distribute the game because you created the assets I used to make it?

Hey there :) 
You are allowed to sell your game using the assets and you can distribute it yourself.
The last part just means: You can't tell in the credits that you made the assets by yourself, that's all.

Hope that answers the questions, if anything else, let me know.


Thank you so much. One more question. Don't know if you'd know this, but can I combine several asset packs from different authors in one game? In this scenario, all the asset packs are allowed for commercial use.

usually, Yes. 
as for my Assets, you can do this. However there may be other assets on itch which will not allow this. (But I can’t Imagine why some would forbit that)

Thanks again!

crazy cool


tho i kinda want more enemies

Sorry could I use this for a commercial game?

you are welcome. YES you can :)

sweet thank you

is it cyber punk based or are all the is made from looking at images of the cyber punk games because I want to make commercial game with this.


I am not sure what you mean?

Hello. Thank you for this fantastic assets!

Am I allowed to make modifications? I mainly want to add and modify the player animations.


Hey, thanks!

Feel free to do so :)

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very nice , can you make the player run animation

Hey, the player run animation is already included :)

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thanks for sharing. looks amazing!

This is beautiful, you're so talented! I will definitely be using this for my school project. :D

Thanks a lot! :)

Would love to see the result!

Hey Sam, I really like your style. Please make more another asset pack.

Thanks :)

Hey Raphaelans, thank you so much :) there will be more at some point ;)

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Thanks a lot! :) If you don't mind, please leave a rating! :)

Holy .. this is A M A Z I N G 

I  will be waiting for your new packs ! (especially new enemies / bosses) please keep up the great work !

thanks :)

I will do my best. You can also get in contact with me on twitter (@s4m_ur4i) if you need something specific on commission.

I try to get out things asap, but it needs time ;)

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What is the color palette?

Thanks for the art. I bought it! The pack is awesome.

Did bosses and enemies will be in an other asset pack?



you can find all character stills in the Tiles/character.png

More intreating are the animations, all characters are fully animated in the Animation Folder as png, gif and ase. 

The color palette is made by myself. It's a mix of preexisting palettes but added colors and modifications.

hope that answers everything

~ Sam

Awesome asset. Worth it!


thanks a lot! :) there is also an update coming with more tiles ;)